How to Support Each Other on Twitter #TWNN

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Increase the Amount of Likes, Retweets,
Comments and Follows you Get – Guaranteed.

Imagine if every time you posted a tweet, you knew it was going to have significant likes and retweets -guaranteed.  With over 100 people in our discord, If we as a community all followed the method below, every tweet from all of us would elevate its chances for reaching a new people x10.

Here’s one of the strategies myself and other #TWNN team members have started to use to show more support not only to each other but to the community.  (This works on other social media as well)

Visit Twitter and Search for #TWNN.

This acts as a filter when your own timeline may be “noisy”

Scroll Through the results and “like” “comment” or “retweet” team or community members you recognize.

We want to focus on helping each other vs people who may try to abuse the hashtag.

Try to Do This Once Per Day

I set personal boundaries for myself to keep from staring at the phone all the time.  During my morning phone session I usually spend 5-10 minutes scrolling through Twitter and following the steps above 🙂

Know any other Cool Tips or Tricks you’d like to see here?  Let us know in the comments!

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