How to Join the TWNN Family

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“Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home.”
– Anthony Liccione

If Mr. Liccione is correct in that assessment – and I’m inclined to think he is – then consider
Team With No Name (TWNN) to be a digital mansion-sized home for streamers.

As is often the case with mansions, most people on the outside looking in want to live there. And that’s fair; they’re super nice places to live. But what people also have to understand is that, more often than not, the people who live there worked hard to do so. The same applies to TWNN membership.

While most of us may never live in a mansion, the good news is, as streamers, anyone has the ability to take up residence in TWNN. All it takes is time and effort of a different variety (and following a few simple rules).

Let’s dive in to what that looks like.

Support, Support, Support 

What I mean: Support is the true backbone of TWNN. Without it, the team would be no different than the generic streamer communities you can find on Facebook and other social media sites… breeding grounds for self-serving posters and link-dumpers, with a thin veil of suggested mutual support often as fragile as wet tissue paper. TWNN operates with a legitimate networking philosophy and under the belief that, as a family focused on mutual support and camaraderie, we can all thrive together. Instead of “Whose shoulders can I stand on?” we focus on “Who needs my shoulders?”

What it means for you: Showing you have what it takes means being selfless in your willingness to support those around you. I’m not saying your own channel and streams have to come second to others’; I’m simply saying you have to show you’re willing to build other team and community members up. Visit their streams and engage them in chat (at the very least throw them a lurk). Offer advice or assistance with stream ideas or troubleshooting. Host them after you’re done streaming, or put them on your auto-host list. Collaborate. Participate in TWNN-sanctioned raids. Promote other team/community members on social media. Do your best to support the growth and success of other streamers, and it’ll come back around to you.

Community Engagement

What I mean: This one kind of goes hand-in-hand with #1, and I already touched on it a little bit. The fact of the matter is TWNN is comprised of those who are, in part, the most active in the community. The team is a family. Most of us know each other pretty damn well, and many of us have become good friends. As such, we aren’t going to bring complete and total strangers into that fold. Other factors definitely come into play when deciding who can join, but being involved in the community is a big one.

What it means for you:  It’s simple. Be an active member of the TWNN community. Engage others in conversation, participate in TWNN-sanctioned raids, maybe drop some dank memes or cute pet pictures in discord. Chat about your favorite games or team up with others to play some multiplayer. If you stream on Twitch, stream under the ‘Team With No Name’ Twitch Community. Just involve yourself.

NETWORK. The more we see your name around the community, the more we get to know you and the better your chances of getting in. 

NOTE: This should go without saying, but your community involvement also needs to be positive in nature. Egos, self-centeredness, drama, poor attitudes… these things aren’t tolerated. Sexism, racism, elitism, any other -ism is a quick way to get yourself gone for good.

Adherence to the Rules

What I mean:  Another really simple one – just follow the damn rules of the community. There’s not that many, and they aren’t hard to adhere to. You can find them in the #information channel of the community discord, but there’s two that I want to draw attention to here: No Link-Dropping, and No Going-Live Posts.

What it means for you:  Again… just follow the rules. Especially those I listed above. Posting a link to your stream or channel anywhere other than your Introduction post in the community discord, as well as advertising that your stream is starting or starting soon IN ANY WAY, will typically earn you a one-way ticket out the door. It shows us you aren’t here for the right reasons, and all you’re really after is promoting yourself. Aint nobody got time fo dat. Breaking these two cardinal rules, especially more than once, will all but guarantee you won’t be invited to the team.

Understanding Membership is a Privilege, Not a Right 

What I mean:  We recruit members from the community on a periodic basis and, as I said before, there are many factors that come into play when deciding who gets invited to join TWNN. Even if you “check off” all of the above boxes, you still might not get there. As such, TWNN membership is special and is a privilege. It is NOT a right. No one is guaranteed a spot.

What it means for you:  Don’t look at getting invited to join TWNN as a foregone conclusion if you do all of the above. The suggestions drastically increase your chances; they don’t reserve your spot. So please, don’t message TheRealGMO (or any other Admins) asking when you’ll get invited. Those kinds of situations won’t paint you in a favorable light, and will likely hurt your chances of getting in.