Community Featured Supporters Program (CFSP)

A New Program that Helps Everyone in The Community
and on The Team, Grow and Engage With Each Other.

Team members (and many community members) use this website on a daily basis, as a springboard for supporting each other and keeping track of team channels.
We want to give community members a chance to have their stream be featured on this site along side our Teams and experience the guaranteed support of our Team Members.

5 Community Members will Be Featured Every Two Weeks!

This Plan is Transparent.  Imagine if you are a smaller streamer and win CFSP, now suddenly you have 14-30 team members instantly lurking you, hosting you, team members and new people stopping by, hosts youve never had and its all because youre CFSP and you are featured on this site.

We the team members make being featured special because each of us shows as much support as possible in the way of lurking, hosting, quick-stopping and hanging out.
  The hope is that community members will want to experience that level of support on their streams and thus they will support team members to earn votes.

You will also have a Special CFSP Role in the Community Discord which will help to highlight when youre live.

Each team member will each cast 3 votes weekly for their Top Supporters from the Community.  
 They will not know who voted for who. They can only vote for members that are both on our website and in  the community discord.    The top 5 names win.  The same people cant win repeatedly and eventually everyone in the community gets a chance to be featured as long as they are supporting.

The Community Supports the Team, The Team supports The Community and everyone makes new friends.   The cycle repeats bi-weekly.

*Of course none of this excludes anyone from supporting who they want.  Team Members will still support other Community Members individually as they please.  However Team Members as part of this Program, have agreed to also support by Guaranteed Lurk and Chat / Visiting / Hosting The CFSPs as much as possible during their featured period.

Scroll Down To Learn How It Works:

How This Works?

  • The Top 5 Community Supporters Every Two Weeks will be Featured on the Website at the Top of the Team Page.
  • Every Thursday Each Team Member Will Vote on the Website For Their Top 3 Community Supporters for That Week.
  • Every Two Weeks, we will Tally up all the Votes and the Top 5 Most Voted Names, will be Featured on the Website for the next Two Weeks (a Fortnite lol).
  • During that Two Week Period You will Appear on the Team Lurk Page and be Supported as if you Were a Team Member.
  • Team Members cannot Win CFSP
  • You May Only Be Featured Once Per Month.
  • Community Members Whos Names are Consistently in the Votes Will Also increase their chances for Official Team Membership when Recruitment is open.

Why This Works?

  • Community Members Support Team Members and Earn Votes.
  • The Team members benefit from Additional Activity in Channels.
  • Community Members who have been Supporting Anyway, can now Earn Votes to win CFSP.
  • Community Members who Win CFSP Benefit from Additional Lurks, Hosts, Visits, Support and Other Goodies.
  • The Cycle Repeats bi-weekly, which Keeps Everyone Active.
  • Team and Community Members are Already Supporting Each other and this Adds an Additional Incentive that Spurs Activity Across the Board.

Types of Support

  • Type 1 - The Lurk

    Lurking is the first step to support. It shows the streamer that you've got them in mind. Sometimes lurking alone
    doesn't count as a viewer 🙁

    Lurks still help the streamer by providing moral support and letting them know whos around, as a side effect they can sometimes help boost numbers. Lurking with the occasional chat is always better.
  • Type 2 - The Host

    Hosting is great for everyone. It boosts channel visibility and is a powerful cross-promotional tool. Twitch says auto hosting can increase viewership by up to 10%

    "Auto hosting enables communities to come together and grow by reclaiming a large portion of the viewership that offline channels leave on the table."
  • Type 3 - The Quick-Stop

    This is when you drop by the chat and say hello but youve gotta go! You may be working or doing stuff IRL but youve taken a moment to drop in on someone and say a quick hello . The Quick-Stop is often combined with The Lurk.

    All TWNN team members constantly Quick-Stop each other whenever possible.
  • Type 4 - The Hang Out 🙂

    The holeee grayhole of support! Everyone loves the Hangout. Come by, kick up your feet, spend a little time and make some friends!

    Make some noise in chat, spam some emotes, trigger !alerts it all helps and makes the streamer feel nicceee.

    Like the other types of support, TheHangOut is always best when combined with The Host